Tips for the Cold

This is my first winter working outside, and while it has been generally more mild than our past winters, it has been difficult for me to get used to since I am usually tucked safely away in my snug office position.

However, working as a meter maid has forced me to figure out who to deal with the cold. I still don’t do it well, but here is what I have learned:

1. Smart wool socks. I cannot rave about these enough. So warm and cozy! They keep you warm even when wet! Seriously, everyone go get a pair right now. Even if you don’t work outside for a living.

2.  Have a good imagination. Or a mediocre one but put it to good use. Freezing cold? Snowy? Wind pushing against you as you trudge along? Simply pretend you are a pioneer, a settler, or explorer. You have to discover that new place! You have to keep walking to provide for your family! What if there was a zombie apocalypse and you had to go find food in the winter? It helps for about a second. But it’s a good second. And when that stops working you….

3. Marvel in the beauty of winter. It truly is beautiful, even though it is miserable.

IMG_1103 IMG_1098 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1218 IMG_1150

4. Stay inside whenever you can and stave off the boredom by taking weird pictures of your cat.

Bowie Monster


tales of the meter maid

It has been one week in the new job. It has been interesting, I get to carry a giant radio and ticketer and I have to carry a flashlight which I hold like a cop because it feels cooler. We use codes into the radio, and everyone has a badge number. We also use those alpha codes for license plates which I had to learn.

So far, it is a lot of walking, which is great, but is also tiring. My legs hurt.


Today was my first day out walking around by myself. I walk around one offending vehicle, fill out the form, print the ticket, take the picture (we take pictures so when people say “I had a parking pass!” you can show the picture of them not having it), and start placing the ticket on the windshield when I realize there is only one windshield wiper, so I walk to the other side and place the ticket. Suddenly I hear a person say, “HEY ! ! We just parked here!” and out of the backseat a person appears!

They had been in the car, watching me go around it, take pictures, and did not even alert me to their presence until I placed the ticket on the car. I don’t know what was going through their mind, but they then tried to convince me that they didn’t need a ticket. I stuck my ground. I’m tough now.