I’m Stevi and I’m currently jobless (update here) in Kansas City. So I decided a project needed to happen, and thus a blog was formed. The problem was what to write about exactly?

Do I need a theme? Do I want to set a goal for writing on this thing? Or maybe have it be a blog about finishing so many crafts in so many days? Or cook a certain amount of a certain kind of food? Should I just post pictures of my cat all day long? Maybe I want to post about my goals to exercise and eat healthy? Perhaps I should read things and write about what I thought, or write my own creative stories?

I’ve decided not. And thus the little blog of everything was born. Sure things might change eventually, but right now I just anticipate it being a way to show a few select people what is going on in my life and what I am thinking. There will be crafts! And cats! There will be food! There will be posts congratulating myself on goals achieved! There will be reading! And writing! everything.


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