The Five Gifts of Illness. A Review.

After being sick for several months I decided to try my hand at online counseling. Since I already had a bunch of doctors appointments and my primary symptom was that I was suffering major fatigue, I didn’t want to have to get out for yet another appointment. I found help through, which was exactly what I needed. My therapist through there recommended this book to me to help me combat the negative feelings I had toward everything that was happening.

My first thought when I started this was that I’m not sick enough. Everyone in this book was dying or had faced death. I am not going to die from sleeping too much; I don’t have to face my mortality. But surprisingly, several of the major points did help me. Or at least let me know that the things I think and go through are normal. There are many anecdotal stories portraying the different paths that people take and go through during an illness and why they feel it was a gift. In fact, 85% of the people interviewed stated that if given the chance to go back and not be sick, but not gain any of the benefits of their illness, they would still choose to go through the illness. That is mind blowing to me, and I’m sure it is for all those who have not gone through such an ordeal. But I can see some of the benefits now, and I can work at getting even more.

Even if you don’t have a major or chronic illness, I suggest this read because chances are that sometime in your life you are going to either have one, or know someone who does. Unfortunately, cancer is entirely too prevalent in our society. This book gives incredible insight into the struggle a person goes through during and after the illness. It also gives insight into how someone could find such an illness as a gift, something I definitely was not getting from my own experience, but am doing better finding the positive now.


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