And the Stars Look Very Different Today

The Boy gently woke me up this morning with the sad news that David Bowie died. To be fair, he did ask if I wanted bad news first thing and I gave him permission.

I’d still been dreaming that Bowie would go on tour one more time and I would get to see him do his thing.

Instead I will have to just listen to him all day and maybe watch Labyrinth.

He just released an album, Blackstar, on the 8th, so I’ll have to get that soon and have a listen. The thing with Bowie is that I never like his music with the first listen…. but then soon, it is my absolute favorite.

Letters of Note, a great blog and book, has two funny letters Bowie wrote.

The thing is, probably like most people, I started loving David Bowie at a time when I was figuring out who I was. Because of his persona and his music he gives you permission to be whoever you want. It’s ok to be “weird”, and it’s even ok for who you are to change continually as you get older and learn new things and ways to be and find new passions. There is a Bowie for everyone, I’m convinced. You might not love him as a whole, but he has so many musical and personal styles that I bet you can find one that speaks to you. Just give it a try.




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